As I have written earlier that my height is about 159cm and weight about 49kg and the problem with me is my thigh and calf! damn irritating and annoying! I tell myself that I do not want to live with it forever coz’ we only live once, make sure we live to the fullest… so this is the day!

Things to bring:

  • X2 Training Pants 2 sets
  • Leftose for anti inflammatory
  • Thrombophop Gel
  • annica montana (eat this for 3 days before surgery day)
  • 2 sets of clothing (you are not going there for fashion show) just bring casual clothes (tops) and the pants will be x2
  • dispossable underwear for convenient
  • books if you want to read
  • ipad
  • some snacks (I brought intstant cereal)

This is after Dr Arthur did my left thigh done… so, can you imagine how BIG my thigh comparing the right one that hasn’t been done?! OMG! I feel disgusted of my own thigh:(


TADAAAAAA….. My both thigh done! Pain? If I said is not pain I am a BIG FAT LIAR just as FAT as my THIGH! Yes, its painful but bearable!


Day 2 – where it begun to swell… this Orh Cheh feeling make you real headache hahaha… do you ever have orh cheh and you keep massaging it? yes that feeling but this is like the whole thigh… i keep wanting to laugh coz its really very shiok at the same time pain feeling… don’t know how to describe more! LOL Oh yes… the nurse and maid are friendly… I bought for them food from Go-Jek :p and the maid walked me to the salon too!


Oh you will see this blue black Orh Cheh more within few days…look like chicken butt heh? :p bearable no worries!



Yes yes… as I said more blue black Orh Cheh…


Yes the blue black will go down to the leg but it will gone in about 1 month… and yes swollen as I hit day 5-8…

image17Yes Exactly one week! Please always apply thrombopop gel on the bruises and keep massaging… and also apply cream to the cuts…



Let’s continue on 2 weeks after…

First Experience Lipo with Dr Arthur

Hello Everyone,

I would like to share my incredible liposuction experience(s) with the king of liposuction named Dr Arthur Tjandra.

Before I begin,

*Disclaimer to all: I’m just sharing my experiences and is not affiliated with any clinics or surgeon as I pay for the services. If otherwise, I will mention it in here*

I am willing to share any information about what I have gone through. If you have any question(s) pertaining my experiences I will reply happily for you:)

Let’s begin! I have always hated the shape of my thighs for a long as I can remember and was always being laughed by my friends because its thick, bulky, heavy, and look like man’s thigh! I tried to lose weight, how much weight I lost ( the lowest 46kg – my height is 159cm) my thigh would still remain bulky, thick and disgusting. Oh! and my I hate my saddle bag ALOTT!!!! especially when I wear jeans! So finally I tell myself that I am going to do something about it and did research of liposuction. As long as I remember I am extremely afraid of the process of liposuction. I am very afraid! After seeing Dr Arthur’s video and pictures of before and after, I tell myself I am gonna trust this doctor and put faith in him; When I observe the way he talk in the video, Dr Arthur is very confident of what he is doing and after more in depth research, he is doing very safe method – traditional lipo – So,  I decided to fly all the way to Medan, Indonesia from Singapore to have 3 dimensional liposuction performed by the king of liposuction, Dr Arthur. In addition, I also realised that getting 3 dimensional liposuction is a much smarter choice than getting 2 dimensional liposuction. The reason is because our body is not a piece of paper and by improving only either the inner thigh or outer thigh alone will make just one angle to look slim and toned. Dr Arthur taught me that liposuction is about sculpting and contouring the body and looking at the body as a whole.

Everything started by sending my email to Jennifer who is Dr Arthur’s patient coordinator who helps overseas patients to reply any questions regarding liposuction and also to book pick up service from Airport to Clinic. She is very informative, and will reply your queries.

I always think we only live once, so I told myself that I do not want to live with big thigh and calf forever…. I am really super excited knowing that I can trust Dr Arthur!

and also the place is very clean… If you are like me… anal about cleanliness… no worries at all; his clinic is clean, neat and organized!

For my itinerary : I took SilkAir from Singapore – Medan at 7:40am flight and for my convenient I opted for driver pick up Tommy at the airport! The journey to the clinic only about 45 minutes.

Reception – where you do your documentation before proceeding to the room AKA CHECK IN!

image1 (4)

Bedroom with Ensuite Bathroom – If you do not like sharing, you can opt for this room but of course you gotta pay more!

image3image2 (2)image4 (1)image5 (1)

Conveniently prepared for me in the room


Clean Kitchen…

image7 (1)image8 (1)